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PLANEUR Drummer – ED WARBY’S Biography


Edward R. Warby (march 7th 1968), born and raised in the not so fair city of Rotterdam. Already at an early age I displayed a fondness for drumming on anything I could get my hands on, so my parents decided to buy me my first real drumkit at the tender age of 12. I quickly demolished it playing along to my favourite Kiss records, but my dad had seen enough to once again splash out for a bigger and better kit. Around that time I discovered Cozy Powell, who used not one but two bassdrums. My life (and drumming) would never be the same…

I spent countless hours studying videos of my newfound hero and started my first band Agressor in 1982. The band progressed from appearing at the members’ schools to doing “real” clubshows, but eventually broke up. After that I played with some local bands (including the illustrious and elusive Valkyrie) before joining Eindhoven-based prog-outfit Elegy in 1987. Despite an abundance in talent this band didn’t really go anywhere and when I was offered a position in the massively popular Gorefest it didn’t take me long to decide. I did still play on Elegy‘s debut album Labyrinth of Dreams and also helped them out with a few shows before finally committing heart and soul to the mighty Fest in 1992.

A short UK tour served as a taste of things to come, and when False hit the stores GF hit their stride. A massive European tour supporting Deicide was the highlight of 1992, while 1993 took us to the famous Dynamo Open Air Festival where we played a thunderous set to an ecstatic crowd of close to 50.000. The more the band grew and changed, the smaller my kit became, eventually shrinking to a very minimal 4-piece set-up, much to our fans’ dismay!

During GF’s twilight years I made my first non-GF appearance on the ambitious Ayreon project. The resulting album, Into the Electric Castle, was the first of many fruitful collaborations with Ayreon mastermind Arjen A. Lucassen. After Gorefest imploded I became Arjen’s first choice for his studio- and liveprojects. Through Arjen I ended up serving a stint with LA based prog diva Lana Lane, appearing on her 2000 album Secrets of Astrology and subsequent European tour. In 2002 Ayreon spin-off project Star One, featuring among others members of Symphony X, Q65 and After Forever, took to the road for a glorious crowdpleasing tour which was immortalized on a double CD/DVD.

To keep myself busy, I also appeared quite anonymously on several non-metal projects, most notably playing 90% of the drums on Dutch chart-toppers Krezip‘s 2002 album Days Like This. 2004 saw the release of the most accomplished Ayreon installment yet: The Human Equation, a gargantuan double CD loaded with special appearances by the likes of Devin Townsend (SYL), Mikael Akerfeld (Opeth) and Jamse LaBrie (Dream Theater). It was hailed universally as a masterpiece and my career gained a very welcome new momentum, resulting in a much coveted first place in the Slagwerkkrant‘s annual drummer’s poll.

Also in 2004 a mutual love for Thin Lizzy reunited Ed and former GF bandmate Boudewijn for what was to be a one-off show. However, one thing lead to another and soon enough the band (christened Live & Dangerous after Lizzy’s famous double live album) was causing quite a stir, even playing the legendary Paradiso Club in Amsterdam (ironically also the location of one of Gorefest‘s most disastrous last gigs). All this rocking made us yearn for the glorydays of the Fest, and this eventually lead to the full scale GF reunion we’re experiencing at the moment.



Hollandanin ve avrupanin gelmis gecmis en buyuk rock davulcularindan biri olan Edward R. Warby 1968 yilinda Hollanda’nın Rotterdam sehrinde dunyaya geldi ve burada buyudu. 12 yasinda davula baslayan Ed Warby bir cok davul magazine ve elestirmenler tarafindan  gunumuzun en onemli rock davulculari arasinda sayilmaktadir. Kariyeri boyunca buyuk rock muzisyenleriyle albumler ve konserler yapmis olan Ed Warby dunyaca unlu Gorefest ve Ayreon gruplarinin kurucularindandir.


The Equation double Cd lik Ayreon Albumu 2004 yilinda cikmistir ve kariyerinin doruk noktasidir. Bu albumde Ed Warby ile beraber yer alan sanatcilar dan bazilari : Devin Towsend ( SYL ) , Mikael Akerfeld ( Opeth ) ve Jamse LaBrie ( Dream Theater ) bulunmaktadir . Drummer World dergisi master piece olarak degerlendirmistir Ed Warby nin bu calismasini.

Ed Warby heavy metal kayitlarinin disinda studyo muzisyeni olarak da bircok gruba destek vermistir. Bunlardan bazilari Krezip’s Days Like albumu , After Forever albumleri ve daha bir cok sayilamiyacak kadar albumde yer almistir davulcu olarak.


Planeurun 2009 yilinda ekim ayinda yaptigi album teklifini cok cazip bulan Ed Warby Hollanda’daki ilk gercek Turk Rock grubu Planeur’un davullarini calmistir. Turkiye’de gerceklesicek olan konserlere de severek katilicagini bildiren Warby,  PLANEUR albumunun kendisi icin harika bir tecrube oldugunu kayitlardan sonra  belirtmistir.
Planeur’un albumunde adeta bir davul show yapan Warby ozellikle çok sert ve hic bir zaman sarsilmayan timingi  (zamanlama ) ile meshur bir davulcudur. Dinleyenleri de oldukca sasirtan bir bicimde Ed Warby ve Planeur albumde mukemmel bir birliktelik saglamis ve sanki yillardir beraber caliyorlasmiscasina bir sound yakalamislardir. Eger davul calmaya merakiniz varsa ya da caliyorsaniz Ed Warby’nin PLANEUR deki davullari gercekten sizin icin bir okul değerinde.

Planeur ile ilgili tüm yazılarımıza buradan ulaşabilirsiniz…


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