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Managing Music

The music player supports MP3 files, and harnesses the wpaudio-mp3-player WordPress plugin. Make sure you have downloaded the modified plugin from here, and upload it to your plugins directory, then enable it. Once enabled, browse to the plugin’s configuration and check the checkbox for “Convert all mp3 links”. Then all you need to do is create posts in the music category and assign the custom fields below:

  • music_track_url
  • artist_name

The music_track_url should be the full url to a .mp3 file to embed, and the artist name should be any artist name. You can either upload an mp3 of your own using the media upload button in the post editor, then grab the url (don’t insert into post), and paste that into the custom field text box or link to an existing mp3 online. Check out a music post after importing the content to see what I mean. If you need to secure the location of your mp3 files from download you would need to implement your own hashing/encryption function to obfuscate the location of your files as this is meant to be a very basic implementation for you to build upon.

Once everything is setup, the mp3 url you insert into the custom field will be inserted into the post, and the plugin will auto-convert that link into a playable music button as shown in the demo.


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